How do you like your carrots –  and what that says
about You, your approach to health, fitness and

Driving back from the school run this morning, the DJ
on the radio and his cohorts were talking about how
they like their carrots.

The debate was between sliced (or discs) and batons.

It amused me as we go through this in our house, but
with other permutations too. My boys would rather eat
their carrots whole and raw some days (hoorah!) but in
batons (still raw) on other days.

One vegetable, being served several different ways. At
the end of the day, whichever way you serve it, it’s
still a carrot.

Yes there are differences between whether it’s cooked
or raw but otherwise, it’s the same….or is it?

How do you like your’s?

Does it matter?

What it does highlight is how different we all are.

How we all perceive and sense things differently.

We all learn in our own ways too.

This is why, when it comes to coaching, I have so many
adaptations and different visualisations for each move.

What works for me might not work for one client, and
another client may need another approach again.

Not a problem.

Just like with the carrots, I can tune my coaching
skills to present and support my clients in whichever
way suits them best.

Sometimes we try things and it just doesn’t work. Not
everything is perfect first time. Then we hone it, try
different approaches and ultimately find a way that
suits that individual.

Whether it’s connecting with your pelvic floor,
improving your squat, releasing your shoulders or any
other movement there is always a way to coach You.

How do you like your carrots - and what that says about your approach to health, fitness & wellbeing

Raw, cooked, sliced, diced or batons….it’s all the same really ….or is it?











So don’t allow fear of it not suiting you to put you
off trying classes or private coaching – see it as a
tasting challenge, trying different ways until you find
what suits You and makes You feel good.

Just like choosing how you like your carrots…..

Lisa is a Personal Trainer and Pilates coach,
specialising in female health. Supporting women at all
stages of their lives – through periods, pregnancy,
post-natal and peri-menopause.

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