Ladies that Lift

You’re a busy woman.

Juggling demands of family, work, house and umpteen other things is a huge challenge in itself.

Consequently, those promises you keep making yourself to focus on your health, get fit or lose weight never get the attention they deserve….that You deserve.

You plan to go to the gym in the evening, after the children’s after school clubs and other ‘duties’ are done….but by that point in the day, the sofa calls you far more loudly than the gym can.

What’s the catch?

You have to be at least 35 years old.


Hormonal changes as we progress through our womanhood journey mean that tailoring your approach to health and wellbeing according to your age and schedule is more likely to lead to the results you WANT.

So what will we lift?

Ladies that Lift will raise your:

  • energy
  • confidence
  • strength
  • bone health
  • spirits
  • flexibility

through a combination of

  • bodyweight exercises
  • resistance training
  • interval training
  • Pilates

How will it do that???

Membership of the Ladies that Lift Club includes:

  • 2 weekly lunch time^ sessions
  • Group Size restricted to 4 Members
  • personalised programme for both group sessions & one for outside of the structured sessions
  • virtual trainer support through video library of exercises
  • full access to coach through the week for support, queries & adaptations
  • access to online, closed Facebook group for motivation, sharing recipes, support and drive
  • weekly recipe packs

 I’m really unfit at the moment – will this suit me?


Once you’ve ‘joined the club’ you will be sent a screening form for us to assess your current health, welbeing and fitness levels.

We will also ask you about your preferences and what you really don’t like when it comes to your fitness.

This is because we believe that just doing what’s good for you is not always the best solution – it needs to make you feel good and provide enjoyment too.


What does it cost?

For two Group Sessions per week, your personalised programmes, ongoing Coaching support, weekly recipe packs and video workouts to use at home, the monthly cost is just £135

Structured group sessions are on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1230 – 1315 at Custom Fitness, Units 5-7 Dean Road, Lincoln LN2 4DR

Join now by clicking this button

What if I can’t make my regular weekly sessions?

The package is based on 44 weeks of Group Sessions per year (excluding 2 weeks at Christmas and 2 weeks in July/August).

The pricing therefore allows for the fact that you perhaps won’t make every single session.

Plus you’ll have workout videos and a personalised programme to work on as well, ensuring you won’t miss out on progress.

How long will my programme last?

Generally speaking, your programme will be updated every 4-6 weeks.  One of the key aims of Ladies that Lift, is to co-ordinate your training around your menstrual cycle (where relevant) & schedule.

In this way, we seek to:

  • minimise uncomfortable aspects
    of your cycle,
  • prepare your body for peri-menopause and menopause AND
  • progress your training at a pace that
    suits You.

Your programme will be designed specifically for You, in the environment you have available.  So if you do not normally have access to, or do not like using gyms – no problem – your programme can include workouts:

  • at home,
  • in the garden,
  • at the park

…or wherever suits You.

What if it doesn’t suit me?

Your Membership is a rolling monthly subscription, with payments taken at the start of each calendar month. You can cancel your subscription by giving one month’s notice at the end of any month during your membership.

How do I join?

Simply click the button below.

We will then send you a pre-screening form to determine your starting point and any special considerations to apply to ensure you get the most value from your Membership.

You can start your training at the start of the month following payment (where possible we will aim to have you working with us before then).

Is it available all year round?

The package is based on 44 weeks of Group Sessions per year.  This allows for both you and your Coach to have a break!

That said, your programme will specifically cover any periods away from Group Sessions, including:

  • holidays
  • work trips


Are there any hidden costs?

The Membership includes the cost of your Group Sessions and tailored programme.

Should you wish to use Custom Fitness gym outside of your Group Session(s), a membership fee of £25 per month is required.

Your programme can, however be tailored for you to workout wherever works best for You.

Doing what you can, where you can, with what you have…..and our support, of course

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