The following are a range of testimonials received from clients across my services. I’m always looking for ways to improve my service to clients so invite anonymous feedback at the end of courses to facilitate honest opinions.


“It’s a very relaxed and friendly environment where everyone feels at ease.The course has made quite an impact on my everyday life in that it has helped with my general posture and I think more about the way I am stood and/or sat when I’m doing things. Should symptoms occur I am able to put some of the things I have learnt into practice to ease the symptoms off. The impact it has had on my posture is great, I feel a lot more comfortable being able to stand up straight instead of slightly leant/hunched forward. I do still get the odd occurrence of back ache/pain but it doesn’t last for very long and is at the present moment in time getting less and less frequent, unless I do over do it.”

“Challenging, fun, hard work, pushes you, stretching.”

“Rarely get the back aches I used to suffer, far more flexible and more toned.”

“Recommended to me by my chiropractor, the group is small, friendly and quite intense. My posture and overall mobility has improved immensely. I’m having fun in a friendly atmosphere whilst improving my mental and physical wellbeing.All positive feedback. I can’t think of anything you could do to improve the experience”

“I now know a lot more about how my body works and how I should stand, walk and sit. The classes were enjoyable, informative, funny, helpful and challenging helping me to keep active.I feel you are doing a great job”

“I’ve been doing Pilates with Lisa for about 5 years now…I love it!! I love the format, the way Lisa teaches, the people and the feeling of restfulness at the end of a class.”

“My back pain and mobility have improved significantly. Whilst I’m not yet playing golf I have much more confidence when conducting normal daily activities. Lisa is cheerful, encouraging, knowledgeable, positive and understanding. Ideally I would like to attend more courses more often, twice or even three times weekly”

“Pilates with Lisa has made a worldof difference to me. I can now enjoy gardening without suffering for days afterwards and don’t think twice about zooming up the stairs carrying something in each hand, whereas before I had to haul myself up using the bannister. Can’t thank you enough.”

“Feel so good after the class, enjoy the benefit of feeling better.”

“With several joint and tissue health issues I wanted someone properly qualified in how the body moves, It’s very relaxed, friendly and non-judgmental”

“Lisa made me feel very welcome from the first class, the rest of the attendees are very supportive and encouraging. The exercises are very effective and I’ve seen improvements in my tri disciplines and big improvements in body positions in the pool. lake and on the bike.”


How did you find your massage?

“Excellent. Lisa is really professional and friendly in her approach. I felt listened to and consulted throughout. The whole experience felt positive.”

“Excellent. If felt at ease and comfortable throughout”

“I enjoyed the experience, feeling relaxed throughout and it felt very beneficial. Lisa made me feel at ease throughout the massage an explained everything she was doing. She checked how I was feeling during and after the massage.”

What differences, if any, did you notice or feel after your massage?

“was more aware of some muscles, how they interact with other muscles. Muscles felt more fluid and relaxed. Clear indication of which muscles needed extra attention.”

“muscles much looser and ache free”

“definite improvement in range of motion in the forearms and reduction of pain”

“I felt more fluidity in my movements and much more comfortable. I also slept really well that night!”

“Before my massage I was experiencing aches in my lower legs, feeling very heavy and tight. After massage my afternoon walks were a lot easier”

“my felt more comfortable in situations when it would have become stiff and sore”

“My shoulders and neck were eased and I felt my lower back was more flexible”

“I felt some of my muscles were less tight afterwards and had a general feeling of wellbeing, which I didn’t have before the massage”

“The overall experience for me was 1 of enjoyment. Particularly liked the interactive bits. Would definitely recommend.”

“I think Lisa does a great job of assessing the clients and balancing assisted stretches with massage techniques”

Would you recommend massage with Lisa?

Yes, Lisa explained clearly what the massage involved. Checked throughout the massage that I was comfortable and kept me informed of what she was doing, how it was going to be done and benefits of it”

“Definitely because she is extremely thorough and knowledgeable”

“Yes. Lisa is approachable and caring. I feel she really wants to make a difference to my wellbeing”

“Absolutely! I have gained a lot of benefit from working with Lisa. She is very supportive throughout including in between sessions when she checks in with me via email or text. Her knowledge is amazing on how the body works and what will benefit the particular client’s needs. She worked with me to develop a strategy to help specific problems I had.”

“Yes I would definitely recommend sports massage with Lisa and will be returning myself as I feel I really benefitted afterwards.”

“Yes definitely I found it made a lot of difference”

“Yes service was very professional and thorough”

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Lisa. She clearly tailored my massage to suit my specific needs and problem areas and brought significant relief even in the first session.”

“Yes I would recommend a Sports Massage with Lisa. She is very professional and has a gentle manner which puts you at ease. She is very knowledgeable and gives you confidence in her massage ability. She has a good level of pressure when giving themassage which I feel makes the massage feel very beneficial. She always checks the pressure is ok for you throughout the massage. She is mindful to protect her client’s modesty at all times”

“Lisa’s approach is professional but also warm and engaging”

Ladies that Lift

“Lisa understands my limitations and we set goals together that are achievable. She works hard and is available when I need her to give me encouragement and all at a lower price than 1:1 personal training. Lisa definitely offers value for money and is worth every penny.I am so happy with the coaching sessions that I really can’t find anything that needs to be improved. Perhaps a gin and tonic afterwards????????? Would I recommend Lisa to a friend? yes, definitely. The services and benefits I receive having Lisa train me are: personalised plan to help me achieve my goals, great advice about everything from nutrition, to smarter training and female training issues. I enjoy LTL every week, even the weeks that I have to force myself to go because of other pressures on my time.I now have more core strength and stability, with a confidence in that lasting long term.The sessions are individually tailored, well explained and demonstrated and provide positive and visible / ‘feel able’ results.”

“We work on my specific goals, but also made sure I stretch and take time out. Homework is very practical and do-able so the whole approach is about me and what I can do, not an unrealistic preset programme that is imposed on me. It’s fun and challenging!I’m very happy -I’m pushed/challenged but I never feel pessimistic that I can’t do it -it’s paced and always matches my mood!It is friendly, fun, tailored, achievable, you feel results (very important you feel, rather than just see! No point being weak, grumpy and thin !!)I think about other parts of my health too -hydration, nutrition, sleep, stress. It is holistic but it’s ME at the center of it”

Stronger Mummy® programme

“I was thrilled this week to learn that my post natalabdominal separation is closing up, yay! Back on the road towards lifting again! Following Gracie’s rushed arrival, I was told by the surgeon that I have a bicornuate, or heart shaped uterus, hence why she was stuck and struggling in there. We’re very, very lucky to even have our beautiful babe! But this did mean extra slicin’ and dicin’ on the slab during the c-section and so my recovery is taking a little longer. I couldn’t be where I’m at now without the support and knowledge of Lisa Gimenez-Coddat OptiMum Health. So few women are given the appropriate help and support by health services following any type of childbirth. Core and pelvic floor restoration are essential to ensure that Mums are ready for everything a new baby brings, busy lives and returning to exercise if they wish. Whether you’re in your fourth trimester with a new bubba, or nurturing your children many years after birth, I’d urge you to explore the support of a female health and exercise coach such as Lisa. You’ll be glad you did”

“A massive thank you to Lisa for this course. It’s really helped make me be aware of my body after the birth of my son and helped me to start exercising in a safe way, building up week by week. The support during the week was also fantastic, a little text or email to see how I was getting on kept me motivated. The online support was brilliant as when you’re a tired mum sometimes retaining information is challenging, the videos meant I could refresh my memory!! Even when my son was unsettled Lisa was more than happy to step in for a cuddle. Thank you so much.”

“Lisa was very good she taught me many issues and facts I never knew after having a baby. We think having a baby is all about looking after them, but we need to look after ourselves too because if we don’t then baby will not get 100%. From breathing, lifting, eating and of course exercises which I am still doing. I am so,glad I did the course and can highly recommend it to others.”

“After having my third baby I realised that I needed to get my body back on track and in better shape for me and my children. I felt totally unfit and struggled to run up the stairs. Lisa was excellent, she listened to what I wanted from the course and tailored exercises to meet my needs and fit in with family life. Lisa has an extensive knowledge on post natal care and I learnt so much about how to safely get back into exercise and how to rectify my pelvic floor issues. After practising the exercises Lisa taught me at home, I can now feel stomach muscles I have not felt in years (and I have trained in the gym in between all of my pregnancies). Lisa is able to make you feel confident, supported and like anything is possible. I am looking forward to continue working with Lisa to achieve my long term goals.”

“There was no doubt that I’d seek support from Lisa at Optimum after the birth of my son Joseph, knowing just how much knowledge and experience she has.I suppose I’m like a lot of new mums in that I felt that was invincible and would be able to just do everything that I did before my son was born. But realistically I knew that I couldn’t and wouldn’t, no matter how fit I was before, or how fit I kept myself during pregnancy.The post-natal course with Lisa which covers the physical, nutritional and emotional aspects of recovery, has put me well on the road back to where I was before pregnancy. With the physical recovery and restoration work building up my core strength again, I already feel that I will be even stronger than I was before and I’m only 8 weekspost birth!I’m one happy mummy and a happy mummy makes for a happy baby!”

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